Gaining Visibility

Gaining visibility helps you get your message to people beyond your group of family and friends, broadening your influence and audience.

Crafting Your Message

Clarify your language and your message so the right people find you.

Who Will Buy From You?

Who will buy your products or services?  In this module we will develop your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).

What to Sell

How do you take your idea, get clear on your why, and hone in on your core audience?

Video Library

Getting Started with Video with Doreen Vanderhart

Video is everywhere and it isn't going away any time soon. It helps us connect with people and grow that know, like, and trust quicker than any other medium.

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Social Media Planning and Organization

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Live Q & A Call – April 2020

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Live Q & A Call – June 2020

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Basics of Using the Profit First System

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Creating a Web Page with Divi

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Installing Plugins and Themes

Get plugins up and running and choose and install a theme for your WordPress website.

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Setting Up Your Domain and Hosting

How to set up your domain and hosting, plus using autoinstaller to install WordPress.

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